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South Dakotans Speak Out to Protect Seniors

As a congressional "super-committee" works to trim more than $1.2 trillion from the national budget, South Dakotans are speaking out to protect Medicare and Social Security benefits from harmful cuts.

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During the AARP South Dakota Volunteer Appreciation Event and Celebration this month, more than 40 AARP South Dakota volunteers boarded a bus and carried the message “No Cuts” to district offices for Senator Tim Johnson, Senator John Thune and Representative Kristi Noem.

“It was incredibly important for us to let our members of Congress know South Dakota’s seniors are not line items in a budget or chips in some sort of political game,” said Sarah Jennings state director for AARP South Dakota. “What’s being discussed by the 12 member “super-committee” has the potential to drastically impact the lives real people right here at home in South Dakota in a very negative way.”

In recent weeks, hundreds of 50+ South Dakotans have shared personal, compelling stories about the important role Medicare and Social Security play in their lives. Hundreds more have added their names to our map and signed our open letter to super committee members urging the protection of these critical benefits.

“We’re hearing from men and women in their late 70’s and 80’s who receive less than $800 a month in Social Security benefits, are still working to make ends meet, and it’s still not enough,” Jennings said. “These are the stories our leaders need to hear before they consider cutting benefits that people have eared, and have been counting on their entire lives.”

Jennings continued, “By raising these concerns in one collective voice, we can make a difference. We can protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security for current and future generations.”