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AARP Urges Seniors to Tell Congress to Protect Medicare, Social Security Benefits

AARP is asking seniors across the country and here in New Mexico to join its efforts in protecting Medicare and Social Security.

About 170 New Mexico seniors joined AARP’s efforts as part of a National Lobby Day held last month contacting their Congressmen and asking them not to cut Medicare and Social Security.

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The Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction, also known as the super committee, was scheduled to make its recommendations, on cutting $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years, to Congress by Thanksgiving. Congress is then expected to vote on those recommendations in December.

Unfortunately, some people in Washington are urging the committee to puts cuts to the Medicare and Social Security programs on the table as part of the deficit solution.

AARP is asking seniors to help it spread the message to Congress: Don’t make a deal that cuts Social Security and Medicare benefits.
“Seniors have spent their lives working hard and paying into these systems so they can have a secure retirement that includes financial security and health care coverage,” said Stan Cooper, AARP New Mexico State Director.

“For many seniors, Social Security is the one guaranteed source of income they count on. So any loss in benefits could be devastating. People already often have to chose between heating their home, buying medication or food. For these individuals every dollar absolutely counts and cutting the amount of their benefit could be devastating,” Cooper said.
AARP understands that tough choices lie ahead and the deficit must be addressed but any reforms to Social Security should be a careful, thoughtful, and separate discussion from the deficit talks as Social Security does not add to the deficit and therefore, should not be used to fix it.

Any changes to these programs should be made to make them stronger and not done at the expense of today’s or future beneficiaries.

AARP is asking seniors to make their voices heard and let Congress know they want Social Security and Medicare protected.

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