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New Advocacy Director at AARP Maine

AARP Maine is pleased to announce that John Hennessy of Portland has joined the office as the Associate State Director (ASD) for Advocacy. Formerly with Moose Ridge Associates of Augusta, Hennessy brings 10 years of experience in the state capitol on government relations, public policy and project management. He has successfully advocated for issues of behavioral health, long term care, early care and education, disabilities, poverty, HIV/AIDS, civil rights and primary health care providers.

Prior to his work in the state house, Hennessy was the marketing director G. H. Bass & Company, a division of the Philips Van Heusen Corporation of New York City, where he was responsible for domestic and international sales and marketing for one of America’s best known footwear and apparel brands.

He is currently a volunteer member of the Maine Council of Churches Public Policy Committee as well as on the Engage Maine Leadership Team. Prior volunteer work includes Equality Maine Foundation Board, Dirigo Alliance Board, the campaign to defeat TABOR, and on the Steering committee for No on 1 (2005).

Looking ahead to his first legislative session with AARP, Hennessy expects to be working on issues involving health care reform, improving Medicare payments for physicians, as well as advocating for maintenance of existing elder services. Continuing on with our legislative efforts from the last two years to rebalance the long-term care system, Hennessy will also be working to improve access to home and community based services for older adults in Maine.

The ASD for Advocacy coordinates with a group of AARP volunteers, known as the Capital City Task Force, who work to enhance the quality of life for all as we age by advocating for the rights and programs for older Maine citizens. These volunteers will be working closely with Hennessy to make our state and federal political officials aware of issues that are of importance to our members.

Hennessy joined AARP Maine Sept. 13, and can be reached via email at

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