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2012 Hispanic/Latino Opinion Shapers Survey

Eight in ten Opinion Shapers identified the economy/jobs and education as the two most pressing priority issues for the country today, followed by healthcare/ prescription drug costs and immigration reform.  When prompted to identify the absolute top priority issue, however, education rose to the top—due largely to the impact it has on other priority issues facing the country (e.g., economic conditions, employment, healthcare, and financial security:

  • "Education is the top issue because a better educated society will compete better; taking care of all other economic, funding issues, even provides skills for a healthier and financially stable life.  First thing required is comprehensive planning with entire community incl. parents, neighborhoods, business, teachers, and administrators.”

  • “Solving education would impact every other issue in societ—jobs, economy, family, successful communities. We need ”intellectual capital” to afford addressing our needs.”

  • "The U.S. is falling behind globally; our youth won’t be able to compete ...get jobs ...which impacts economy, Social Security and families’ future.”

AARP understands that the needs and interests of Hispanics/Latinos are rooted in their families as they strive to ensure their children and grandchildren succeed in their lives.  AARP also recognizes that older generations of Hispanics often look to their adult children for trusted advice.  As such, AARP is enhancing its efforts to reach into the Hispanic community and collaborate with local leaders to become more relevant and emotionally connected with Hispanic 50+ families.

This study was conducted in May 2012 and included 67 indepth telephone interviews in the Hispanic Opinion Shapers’ language of preference (English or Spanish).

For further information, please contact Alicia Williams at (202) 434-6186.