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Why Social Security and Medicare are Vital to Utah’s Seniors

AARP’s Protect Seniors Campaign is urging Congress to protect Social Security and Medicare, but for Utah members it’s important to know just important these programs are to people in the state.

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Listed below are some surprising statistics.

Social Security in Utah

90.6 percent of Utah seniors, or 227,400, received Social Security in 2010. The average annual benefit was only $13,800.

Social Security accounted for 57 percent of the typical older Utahns’ own income.

Low and middle income seniors in Utah typically receive 75.8 percent of their individual income from Social Security.

Social Security keeps middle income older Utahns from falling into poverty

About 6.5 percent (15,343) of older Utahns were in poverty.

Without Social Security income, an additional 33.2 percent of older Utahns (78,306 people) would fall into poverty.

Social Security plays an important role in Utah’s economy.

Social Security provided $4 billion in benefits to Utahns in 2009.

Medicare in Utah

On average, beneficiaries from Utah spent $5,100 on out of pocket health care costs.

For the typical Utah senior on Medicare, out of pocket spending for health care consumes 25 percent of their income.

Medicare provides peace of mind for Utah seniors

Nearly 99.4 percent of Utah seniors, or 250,639, were enrolled in Medicare in 2009.

In contrast, nearly 11.2 percent of the 60–64 year olds are uninsured.

Medicare plays an important role in Utah’s economy

The Medicare program spent $2.3 billion on health care services for Utahns in 2010.

AARP wants to make sure these bedrock programs stay strong and solvent for future generations. To urge Senators Hatch and Lee and Representative Chaffetz, Matheson, and Bishop to say NO to cuts, call 1-888-722-8514.

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