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AARP NC Takes Nominations for Innovative Multicultural Outreach Awards

On Dec. 8, AARP will honor five organizations that have demonstrated excellence in working in North Carolina with diverse communities at a gala and awards ceremony. Multicultural outreach is a key component of AARP NC’s work across all of the initiatives it supports, from advocacy to retirement planning. The deadline for submitting nominations is 5 p.m., ETS, Oct. 21.

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“AARP is looking for organizations and businesses that understand the importance of building strong reciprocal relationships with partners that help strengthen communities,” stated Debra Tyler-Horton, associate state director for multicultural outreach at AARP NC. “AARP embraces cultural change and recognizes the importance of community partnerships in the work we do.”

To be eligible for the award, organizations must:

  • Be committed to building a movement across racial, ethnic, and cultural divides while demonstrating effective and innovative collaboration
  • Impact policy at the state or local level by engaging, organizing and mobilizing people to make an impact on the health of communities across the state
  • Share tools, knowledge and resources to solve community problems
  • Demonstrate the ability to share stories from the lessons it has learned

“AARP has been busy with new programs and initiatives in African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Asian communities around the country to show that real change happens when we work as one. Collectively, we can create positive social change. On Dec. 8 we will recognize organizations that have demonstrated the power of our combined interest, energy and commitment to helping make life better for all,” Tyler-Horton said.

Find a more complete description of the award, and a printable nomination form online.