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Protecting Your Benefits

It is a powerful experience to witness the passion that lies within our members across the state for preserving the vital benefits that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid offer to older Americans.

During our Protect Seniors campaign, AARP members across the country and in South Dakota flooded the White House and Congressional offices with nearly 1 million letters, emails and phone calls. It was clear your voices were heard. In South Dakota alone, AARP members sent nearly 10,000 petitions and 1,000 calls to our own Congressional delegation in the last several months. As a result, the House, the Senate, and the President agreed to raise the debt ceiling – without any cuts to the Social Security and Medicare benefits you've worked your whole lives for. AARP South Dakota is particularly pleased that South Dakota’s entire Congressional delegation voted in favor of the measure.

AARP is relieved Congress came to a bipartisan agreement to ensure older Americans would continue to receive their Social Security checks and keep the doctors they know and trust – and we know the pressure you put on Capitol Hill helped influence their decision.

But the fight isn't over yet. AARP is committed to making sure older Americans have a voice at the table as Congress works out the details of a long-term agreement before the end of the year – an agreement that could include changes to critical programs seniors depend on.

That's why, in the weeks and months ahead, we'll work with you to send a clear message to Congress to protect Medicare and Social Security benefits. We must convince our nation's leaders to work together to strengthen health and retirement security for current and future generations.

Once again, Thank you lending your voice to such an important effort! To stay on top of all of AARP’s activities in South Dakota, check out our webpage, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or just call us at 1-866-542-8172.