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AARP Colorado Engages Politicians

AARP Colorado was busy this summer as staff and volunteers worked hard to get members of Congress to understand why they should avoid cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The two programs have been under attack as part of a number of proposals to reduce the deficit.

Morie Smile, AARP Colorado director, and Terri Potente, an AARP volunteer who serves on the AARP Executive Council from the Western Slope, visited Sen. Michael Bennet and Sen. Mark Udall in their offices on Capitol Hill in late July as talks heated up. Potente had an earlier visit with Sen. Scott Tipton in Grand Junction, and Smile had met with Congressman Ed Perlmutter previously, as well.

“We feel our visit to Washington D.C. was very productive,” Smile said. “We worked hard to get our message out. Very simply, lawmakers should concentrate on waste and tax loopholes, rather than enacting harmful cuts to critical Social Security and Medicare benefits that millions of Americans earned through a lifetime of hard work.”

While in Washington, D.C., the pair was featured in a Washington Post article that focused on nonprofits’ efforts to sway Congress during the deficit ceiling debate. 

In addition to Colorado, AARP volunteer leaders from states across the nation made the same trip to Capitol Hill to keep Social Security and Medicare from devastating cuts.  

Meeting with members of Congress, testifying in front of the state legislature and making telephone calls to our Colorado delegation are just a few of the activities that AARP Colorado advocacy volunteers and executive council members engage in to support all Coloradans 50-plus. 

If you are interested in advocacy and activism and want to volunteer in this capacity, call Kelli Fritts, 303-764-5991, for more information. 

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