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AARP Mississippi Disappointed In Public Service Commission Decision

The Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) reversed itself and will now allow Southern Company subsidiary Mississippi Power Company to charge ratepayers for construction of a new coal power plant. In May, the PSC allowed Mississippi Power to build a new power plant, but with significant conditions that would have prevented Mississippi Power from charging ratepayers for construction.

“AARP Mississippi is disappointed the Public Service Commission has allowed Mississippi Power to burden ratepayers with the cost of building a new power plant,” said AARP Mississippi Senior State Director Sherri Davis-Garner. “AARP spoke up on behalf of Mississippians and told the Public Service Commission that the company, not consumers, should bear the burden of paying for a new power plant. AARP will continue to speak up on behalf of Mississippi consumers.”

Davis-Garner provided testimony before the PSC about the financial impact the upfront costs would place on AARP members and all Mississippians. She also shared with commissioners the results of an AARP utility survey.

This has been a multi-year initiative for AARP Mississippi. Last year, AARP designed a utility consumer campaign because legislators had passed a 2008 law giving the PSC authority to allow energy companies to raise rates to pay for construction of nuclear and coal power plants. AARP asked the PSC to put consumers first.

To become involved in issues that affect Mississippians over age 50, call 1-866-554-5382.

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