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Have Your Say at the Ohio State Fair

When elected officials talk about the future of Social Security and Medicare, they’re usually talking to each other – not to the Ohioans who depend on these programs to survive.

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What a mistake. America needs a meaningful national conversation about Social Security and Medicare, and it can’t happen without the voice of older Americans, the very people who earned these protections through years of hard work and who know their value better than anyone.

Because AARP is committed to keeping Social Security and Medicare strong for today's seniors and future generations, we launched You’ve Earned a Say – to make sure ordinary Americans have a voice in the critical debate over Social Security and Medicare.

You can have a say at the AARP listening post at the Ohio State Fair. We will be on the Midway July 25-29 gathering your thoughts about strengthening Social Security and Medicare for today's seniors and future generations. Stop by the AARP You've Earned a Say exhibit to complete a survey and let us know what proposals you support and which you oppose.

"Any reforms should be part of a broad effort to bolster retirement security for hard-working Americans, not a stampede for a budget deal or to promote anyone’s partisan agenda," said Mike Barnhart, who volunteers as president for AARP Ohio. "Any reforms should be modest and gradual as possible to avoiding creating serious new problems for ordinary households."

AARP seeks a no-nonsense conversation about these issues, without the spin or exaggeration we hear so often out of Washington. Social Security can pay full benefits for the next 21 years, and 75% of promised benefits after that, even without changes, according to the official forecast. That’s not good enough, but it’s not a crisis, either. Medicare faces a bigger challenge, because its cost increases are linked to the broader health care system. Still, experts have various ideas for savings, while maintaining good coverage that people can afford.

The debate is beginning, and the stakes are high. You’ve earned a right to be heard, and AARP wants to make sure you get that opportunity. We urge Ohioans to share their views at the AARP You've Earned a Say listening post at the Ohio State Fair. We will be on the Midway from Wednesday, July 25, through Sunday, July 29. AARP Ohio volunteers will be on hand with surveys that you can complete to make sure your voice is heard. We also will have information for all and small gifts for AARP members.

If you don't make it to the fair, you can complete a survey and share your views online.