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Join Us at ND Social Security, Medicare Events

AARP North Dakota has two major events coming up to allow you to have your say in the future of Medicare and Social Security. We’ll be at the State Fair in Minot July 20-21 and will host a day-long summit in Fargo on Sept. 15.

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With your participation at either event, we can make sure the future of Medicare and Social Security is decided in an open, public conversation – not behind closed doors in Washington.

State Fair

If you’re planning to be at the State Fair, we hope to add to your fun. We’ll be hosting the AARP Team Trivia Challenge from 4-5 p.m. July 20, and 4-5 p.m. July 21. The contest will be located on the Dakota Talent stage across from the grandstand and food court.

We’ll ask for up to 10 volunteers from the audience and split them into two teams. The questions will focus on, what else, but Social Security and Medicare. Anyone with a job should know about both programs because they pay into both programs with each paycheck. The vast majority of retired people receive income from Social Security and rely on Medicare for their health care.

Members of the audience will get to do more than watch. They will get to participate by answering the same questions on a paper copy.

The winning team on stage will win prizes. And those in the audience who answered the most questions correctly will also be eligible for prizes.

September Summit

We’re planning a one-day summit Sept. 15, at the Fargo Air Museum. During the summit, we’ll be focusing on a number of options to strengthen both Medicare and Social Security for current and future generations.

The September summit will be especially important as we approach the November general election when we elect those who will be making critical decisions impacting the future of both Medicare and Social Security.

Watch for more details about the summit at the AARP ND web page. Or, if you want to be added to an email list to receive information about the summit, email

Invite Us to Your Community

If you would like to host a discussion about Medicare and Social Security options in your community, please contact Josh Askvig at 701-355-3642 or email Josh at

Finally, if you’re not able to attend one of our events, you can still participate and make your voice heard  online. Take a few minutes to answer two surveys about what you think should be next for Medicare and Social Security.

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