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AARP Provides Pros and Cons on Options to Strengthen Medicare and Social Security

Over the past several months, AARP has hosted events across the country as well as in Arizona, engaging more than a million people in “You’ve Earned a Say” conversations about how to strengthen Medicare and Social Security. As part of this national discussion, AARP is now providing information – both pros and cons – about options currently being considered for changing Medicare and Social Security.

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“AARP is committed to providing straight talk about proposals being discussed in Washington on changing Medicare and Social Security so that people can make up their own minds as to how they think these programs should be changed,” said David Mitchell, AARP Arizona State Director. “The future of Medicare and Social Security is too important for politics as usual. We need everyone engaged in this discussion to ensure that any changes to the programs guarantee that future generations of Americans have affordable, quality health care and retirement security.”

In response to its members’ and many Americans’ frustration with political rhetoric and spin, AARP commissioned experts from the Brookings Institution, Heritage Foundation, National Academy of Social Insurance and Avalere Health to provide analyses of the pros and cons of the major Medicare and Social Security options currently on the table. The analyses, along with fact sheets, info-graphics, and questionnaires are designed to give people a voice in the future of the programs.

“We encourage people to go to the AARP You’ve Earned a Say website and make up their own minds about what the options mean to them and their families,” added Mitchell.

The AARP “You’ve Earned a Say” website is a one-stop resource of straightforward information about Medicare and Social Security, the challenges each program faces into the future as well as the pros and cons regarding ideas politicians have proposed for changing them.

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