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DC Still Fighting Pepco’s Unfair Increase Proposal

Pepco’s still pushing for an unfair rate increase and we’re still fighting against it.

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So far, more than 5000 residents have sent postcards to the Public Service Commission (PSC) requesting that they deny Pepco’s rate increase request. Four thousand were hand-delivered to the PSC in March.

Here’s the message: "As a District resident in our struggling economy, I need your help to protect the money I've earned from an unfair, $39.7 million electric rate increase. I should not be required to pay more for unreliable service and to increase Pepco's profits. Hold the company accountable, by demanding that it demonstrate reliability before you approve a raise. Deny Pepco's $39.7 million rate increase request."

The PSC needs to hear from more DC residents. If you haven’t responded yet, send this message electronically or write to the DC PSC at 1333 H St., NW, Ste. 200, West Tower, Washington, DC 20005.

AARP DC is working to ensure that Pepco provides reliable service you can count on because as a customer, you place your trust in your service providers along with your hard-earned money and you don’t expect to be taken for granted.

A couple months ago, AARP DC commissioned a survey to help us understand the views of 50+ District residents regarding utility affordability, smart meters, power restoration after storms and consumer protections.

Here is some of what we learned from you:

  • Half of older residents are extremely concerned or very concerned about the rising cost of home heating and cooling. Less than a fourth said they were not very concerned.
  • 43 percent said they had some difficulty paying for gas and electric
  • Nearly half said they’re paying too much for electricity
  • Nearly two thirds somewhat or strongly oppose the rate increase along with the additional surcharge.

Half of the survey respondents also said the DC government isn’t doing enough to help people struggling with rising electricity costs. They also don’t believe customers’ interests are represented when rate hikes are proposed.

Additionally, some residents have told us that higher electric bills make it harder to stay in their homes, where they want to be. Many seniors on fixed incomes can’t afford to pay higher electric bills, and some have a hard time paying for other necessities, like prescriptions and food, when their electric bill goes up.

AARP DC is committed to ensuring affordable electric rates and consumer protections for all District residents. We’re committed to keeping our members and older DC residents and their families informed. We’re committed to making the voices of older taxpayers heard.

Times are tough. Let AARP DC and the PSC know what you think about Pepco’s request to raise your rates.