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AARP DC Waging Local Campaign for Federal Benefits

In a recent survey of District of Columbia residents age 50+, 82 percent of respondents said it’s extremely or very important to receive Social Security when it is needed. Eighty-nine percent said it’s extremely or very important to receive Medicare when needed.

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AARP is engaged in a campaign to Protect Seniors’ benefits from cuts during Congress’ attempts to reduce the national budget deficit.

AARP’s position is that Social Security shouldn’t be cut to balance the budget. Instead of putting our children and grandchildren’s retirement in jeopardy, Congress should find ways to solve our nation’s budget problems without making damaging cuts to Social Security. AARP is fighting to protect Social Security for today’s seniors and strengthen it for future generations. We’re working to ensure that everyone gets the benefits they’ve earned and that any changes to Social Security make retirement more secure for future generations, not less. The next generation has paid into Social Security for decades and deserves to get the retirement benefits they have already earned. With shrinking pensions, dwindling savings, and longer life expectancies, future generations will depend on Social Security even more.

In May, the AARP DC State Office held two Social Security public forums to explain how recommended changes to Social Security could impact District residents. At a forum during the Ward 8 Democrats meeting, residents voiced their concerns about cuts to their hard-earned benefits. At another forum in Ward 6, residents expressed similar concerns to a panel of experts including representatives of AARP and the National Academy for Social Insurance.

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