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Wisconsinites Have Earned a Say in Future of Social Security, Medicare

In March, AARP leaders at events across the country launched “You’ve Earned a Say,” a national conversation about strengthening health and retirement security.

Through “You’ve Earned a Say,” AARP is taking the debate about Medicare and Social Security out from behind closed doors in Washington and making sure all Americans have a voice in the discussion about their future.

AARP kicked off Wisconsin’s “You’ve Earned a Say” conversations with a town hall discussion in La Crosse on March 21, and will be traveling across the state this spring and summer, asking folks their opinions about Medicare and Social Security.

AARP Wisconsin wants to hear from you as well. You can join the debate in a variety of ways:

Don’t see a conversation scheduled near you? Then offer to host one! Contact the AARP Wisconsin state office (email us at and we’ll find a local AARP representative who can bring folks together in your area.

Schedule an AARP speaker at a meeting in your community. Trained facilitators are available to attend meetings of local groups to gather input on the future of Social Security and Medicare.

Older Americans have paid into Medicare and Social Security throughout their working lives, which is why AARP believes they have earned a say in the future of these program. “You’ve Earned a Say” is an opportunity for everyone to have a voice in the debate.

AARP Wisconsin State Director Sam Wilson said, “We want to make sure everyone has easy access to information about Social Security and Medicare, free of Washington spin and jargon. Our website will give folks all across Wisconsin straightforward information on these critical programs and enable them to share their ideas with AARP about how to strengthen these programs for the future.

“With over 1 million Wisconsinites receiving benefits from Social Security and nearly that many in Medicare, it is critical those voices be heard during the national debate on the future of both programs,” Wilson said.

“Social Security and Medicare are the foundation of health and retirement security for millions of Americans. By working together, getting involved and making our voices heard, we can keep Social Security and Medicare strong for today and future generations,” Wilson said.

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