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What Would Your Message Be?

Millions of AARP members across the country – and right here in the Bay State – are making their voices heard. They are sending a message to our elected leaders: It’s time to take the discussion about the future of Medicare and Social Security out from behind closed doors. AARP recently launched You’ve Earned a Say to talk about how to make sure these programs can continue to provide the health and economic security that older Americans count on.

What would YOUR message be to the President and Congress? Read just a few of the many responses we’ve received.

“My hope for you is that your legacy will be the protection, preservation and sustaining of Social Security and Medicare. But the people need to be part of the process. I think you should go and meet the people where they live, and talk with them in the language they speak. Knowledge of the people gets things done, the right way.” Albertha Herbert, Roxbury

“We need to save Medicare and Social Security. It scares me half to death to see what might happen. If it wasn’t for Social Security, I wouldn’t have any money at all; absolutely none. I need Social Security desperately, and I know many other men and women who need it desperately as well.” Irene Euchler, Springfield

“Please, keep Medicare and Social Security alive and well. It’s very important to me and for my grandchildren – and grandchildren to come.” Ruth Villard, Dorchester

“I am a nurse of 42 years. I’ve worked in long-term care facilities and community hospitals, where I’ve seen elders who cannot afford their own private insurance. I’ve also seen workers who’ve had to take early retirement because their jobs were eliminated; and they have no retirement funds and no insurance options. We need to protect Medicare and Social Security.” Jane Ahern-DeFillippi, Melrose

“We need to maintain Medicare and Social Security for future generations.” Linda Roukey, Chicopee

“It was under the impression in this great country that once you retired you would live out your remaining years relaxing and doing things you enjoy. Now the elderly are worrying how they’re going to make ends meet. They have to decide if they’re going to spend their fixed income on food, medicine or paying the bills. People in this generation shouldn’t have to worry about that.” David Sacenti, Springfield

Add your voice to the conversation. Fill out our online You’ve Earned a Say questionnaire. And, over the next few months, we’re holding community conversations and listening sessions throughout the state – check the AARP MA events calendar for events near you.