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Louisiana’s 50+ Population Speaks

“What we do, we do for all.”

Those words said by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus’ more than 50 years ago live in perpetuity. They are still as relevant today as they were then, helping to guide our work and service to those 50+.

Dr. Andrus founded AARP because she was inspired to help others and change the world. Dr. Andrus couldn’t ignore people’s needs for health and financial security. AARP has continued her work to help all Americans pursue their best lives. Right here at home, AARP is making a difference for families in Louisiana where it’s needed most.

According to a new AARP survey in Louisiana of 403 50+ adults, health care issues, including the cost of health insurance and staying healthy, are the top problem facing mid-life and older adults. Economic security was a close second challenge.

According to Margie Dominick, acting AARP State President,” For many, paying for a prescription is extremely difficult when you are living on a fixed income. This puts them in a position to make hard choices. Do I pay for my prescription to stay healthy or do I pay the utilities. Retirees depend on Social Security as their main source of income. They’ve earned it. But without the cost of living adjustments, retirees are experiencing a loss of income because utilities, food and gas prices, and healthcare have gone up. People are making difficult choices and reassessing their budgets. For some, it’s a quality of life issue.”

A majority of those surveyed also said they were worried about staying in their own homes as they get older. They strongly supported using funds targeted for nursing home care to also be used for home and community based services, allowing more people to live at home as they age.

Where Louisiana’s 50+ speak, we listen.

Here at AARP Louisiana, we think appropriately funding home and community based services is a priority. We work every day to advance the issues the 50+ population think are the most important.

In April, AARP Louisiana will focus on three key issues before the Louisiana Legislature:

  • Health care: Expanding options and choices for home and community based services and strengthen community health care services that will help people better manage chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Mobility and Transportation: Strengthen Louisiana’s law to implement Complete Streets
  • Utilities: Advocate for an independent Consumer Advocate for Utilities at the Public Service Commission, giving consumers a strong voice where historically they haven’t had one.

While individuals 50+ are concerned about healthcare and economic security, they are equally excited about planning for their future. Travel and pursuing hobbies top the list of dreams for those 50+.

What’s next for you? We hope its living life to your wildest dreams.

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