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Looking for a Speaker for Your Group or Organization?

AARP’s Missouri Speakers Bureau “Speak Out!” provides members and citizens in the state with valuable information on subjects of importance to older Americans and their families. This free service is presented by skilled volunteers who will travel in select service areas.

Our speakers can address community organizations, businesses, schools, and participate at community events. If your group is ready for an engaging presentation and discussion from local AARP Missouri volunteers, you need to contact us. Here is our current repertoire of topics that typically inspire and ignite lively conversation with audiences:

  • Benefits QuickLink: Help for Americans 50+ and Caregivers—The AARP Foundation launched this online resource tool that helps families and older Americans with limited incomes or serious health issues—and the organizations that serve them. Learn how to find and apply for the 15 most important public benefits for older Americans and families with children.
  • All About AARP—Today’s AARP is not the AARP formed more than 50 years ago! The organization helps people 50+ have independence, choice and control in ways that are beneficial and affordable to them and society as a whole. Get a new perspective on an organization that helps you make the most of life after 50. This is also an opportunity to learn about volunteer activities in the state and how to get involved.
  • Health and Long term Care: Who Will Care for Us?—Health care is at a critical stage in American—and more individuals and families are finding their lives turn upside down by the weight of the issue. The necessity of both family and professional caregivers is discussed in this presentation—and the need to keep abreast of continuing changes in the healthcare arena.
  • Identity Theft—It could happen to anyone: someone uses your personal information to commit fraud and other crimes…what to do? Protect yourself from one of the fastest growing criminal acts in the nation! Learn how to prevent and detect identity theft against willing criminals and what to do if it does happen to you.
  • MOSAFE (Missourians Stopping Adult Financial Exploitation)—Financial exploitation occurs when someone illegally uses an elderly or disabled person’s resources for profit or gain. Emmy Award winning actress Doris Roberts appears on the MOSAFE DVD that tells how to recognize and stop the crime before an older or disabled adult’s funds are depleted.
  • Avoiding Investment Scams and Frauds—This presentation helps you take charge before a bad deal takes you! The speaker will explore annuities, viaticals, promissory note scams, Ponzi schemes, “fraud du jour,” and how to spot a scam. If it’s too good to be true—it could be a scam!
  • Create The Good—AARP is taking the success and commitment it has with its volunteers, activists and organizers and moving it to the next level. We want to engage our members to become more deeply involved in AARP and connect to ways that make a different in their communities. Learn about Create The Good, a destination for people to connect to ways to make a difference.
  • The Power of Promoting Yourself at 50+ - What does branding have to do with finding a job at 50+? A personal brand says clearly, “This is who I am and what I do.” It displays your unique talents and experiences. If you are job hunting right now, learn how to promote yourself by learning about the importance of personal branding. This interactive presentation incorporates networking, resume writing and cover letters into the art of self promotion.
  • The Beat Goes On: The Baby Boomer Generation—This generation of Americans born between 1946 and 1964 are very unique. Learn about their likes and dislikes, how they think and act, and how they are shaping the future. There’s more to boomers than meets the eye—and you’ll find out why during this provocative presentation that lays out the facts.
  • Walking To Good Health—Healthy behaviors point to physical activities. Learn about AARP’s 10- Week Walking program that you can easily implement in your community with another organization or group of people. Learn about the benefits of walking—and much more—and become a healthier YOU!

BONUS PRESENTATION: AARP’s Visionary Founder: Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus—This provocative story shares the story of an educator who founded a billion-dollar organization because of a chicken coop. Hear about the determination of one tiny woman who founded an organization built on volunteerism and that evolved into one of the mightiest advocacy arms in the nation.

Topics especially for the workplace…

A new addition to the repertoire of topics offered by the AARP Missouri speakers bureau targets businesses. Select presentations support the AARP initiative of the 50+ worker employers that hire and retain that group.

  • In the Board Room: Who is the Older Worker?—AARP is focused on helping employer recognize the skills of people 50+. They will be working longer either because they need to want to or need to. There is also going to be a shortage of workers as older people retires, having a significant impact on American productivity. This presentation puts a face on the older worker by defining and explaining the many assets that they can contribute to the workplace.
  • From Attitudes to Zing: Boomers—Who are They?—Another amazing group of Americans are Baby Boomers who are between the age of 44 and 62. So varied is this group that it’s impossible to cram everything in this presentation, but sharing their attitudes about themselves puts zing back into the workplace and our communities.
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve—Learn about the AARP’s Workforce Assessment Tool that is a free, confidential on-line tool that can help organizations assess its current and future workforce needs. The assessment tool will automatically generate a report that can help organizations create an “age-friendly” workplace, inventory workplace strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, and assess the potential impact an aging workforce may have on the organization.