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AARP Launches Initiative to Engage Growing Older Hispanic Population in Florida

With more than 3.7 million Hispanic residents, Florida has one of America’s largest and most influential Hispanic population.  Already Florida has more than 392,000 Hispanic residents age 65+, three-fifths of the population of the entire state of North Dakota.  

And the number of older Hispanics is growing rapidly.  Hispanics age 50+ already make up 8.3 percent of the U.S. population, a figure expected to double by 2040.  

“AARP realizes that family is very important to Hispanics, whether in Florida or anywhere else,” said Lori Parham, AARP state director.  “Those are cultural values that AARP shares.  To help older Hispanic Floridians and their families enjoy the opportunities and overcome the challenges of growing older, AARP is reaching out to the Hispanic community.”

AARP research shows that while many older Hispanic Floridians are fortunate to have strong family ties and excellent support networks – Hispanic families often live in closer proximity to one another than Americans overall – Hispanics also face extra hurdles as they age.

•    Hispanics are three times more likely to lack health coverage than the overall population.
•    Older Hispanics have higher rates of heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer, and get Alzheimer’s disease seven years earlier than the overall population.
•    Older Hispanics receive income from pensions and investments less than half as often as other older Floridians.

But older Hispanic Floridians and their families now have a strong ally:  AARP.
As the nation’s leading voice for those age 50+, AARP offers outstanding information on issues and opportunities for those 50+, products and services designed to benefit older Americans, and outstanding volunteer opportunities.  AARP’s famous advocacy muscle makes it among the nation’s most influential organizations.

As AARP expands its engagement with Hispanics in South Florida, AARP staff and volunteers are:  

•    Reaching out to Hispanic community leaders and residents, ready to work together on issues important to Latino families.
•    Offering access to AARP’s unparalleled information – available in both English and Spanish -- gives Hispanics the tools and insights they need to seize opportunities and help solve problems facing all older Americans.
•    Working with Radio Paz, 830 AM, AARP is offering regular weekly programs intended to highlight some of the issues and opportunities facing South Florida Hispanic families.
•    Leading South Florida residents Jorge Ramos and Padre Alberto Cutie have teamed up with AARP as the Association’s new Hispanic Brand Ambassadors, to help Florida Hispanics benefit from AARP’s great strength and resources.
•    AARP is offering new opportunities to learn about major issues affecting older Floridians, either in community meetings or through a monthly bilingual e-newsletter produced especially for older Hispanics and their families in South Florida.

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