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AARP’s 2010 Legislative Issue: Home- and Community-Based Services

AARP Mississippi believes you and your loved ones should not be forced to go into a nursing home when you need care. Home- and community-based services give people an option to receive health care and personal care at home. When these services are available, Mississippians can stay comfortably in their own homes surrounded by family and friends.

Plus, home- and community-based services are cost effective for taxpayers and individuals. At an average of $68,000 annually, nursing homes cost three times more than home- and community-based services. If given a choice, more Mississippians would choose to receive care at home rather than in a nursing home. In fact, 89 percent of Americans would prefer to age with dignity at home.

“Home- and community-based services are a win-win for Mississippians and the state,” said AARP Mississippi Senior State Director Sherri Davis-Garner. “A person can receive care in their homes and remain a productive Mississippi taxpayer who contributes to the local and state tax base.”

Mississippi state legislators have the power to give you a choice in where you and your loved ones age by supporting budget rebalancing for home- and community-based services. Rebalancing the state’s Medicaid budget for more home- and community-based services requires no extra taxes.

In fact, it’s a wiser use of your taxpayer dollars. Mississippi spends only 11 percent of its annual Medicaid budget on home- and community-based services, while the national average is 25 percent.

To urge your state legislator to support home- and community-based services, call 1-888-333-5757.