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Make Your Voice Heard – Speak Up Today

For far too long, the debate about the long-term solvency of Medicare and Social Security has taken place behind closed doors in Washington. That’s about to change! You’ve Earned a Say

For the last year, the President and Congress have talked about Social Security  and Medicare as part of backroom deals to reduce the deficit. At the same time, thousands of AARP members in Maine – and throughout the country – are expressing their frustration, anger and even fear over the future of these programs. We’ve heard from many of our members who feel that no one in Washington is listening to them.

You’ve Earned A Say

It’s time to take the debate out from behind closed doors in Washington. We need to make sure that those working toward retirement will be able to count on receiving the benefits they’ve earned when they are eligible to receive them.

You’ve worked too hard to let the next President and Congress decide the future of Medicare and Social Security without hearing from you.

Throughout the year, AARP will hold community conversations and forums across the Pine Tree State to hear what you think about the future of Social Security and Medicare and to ensure that politicians are hearing your voices in Washington and on the campaign trail.

Make Your Voice Heard - Tune in to MPBN on March 27th and ask your questions live!

AARP Maine State Director, Lori Parham, and You’ve Earned a Say Co-Chair Volunteer Rich Livingston of Lewiston will be guests on Maine Public Broadcasting System’s interactive program Maine Calling on Tuesday, March 27th. The program will be live between 12:15 and 1:00 PM and viewers can call in with their questions! We’ll be hearing from Mainers across the state and answering their questions about You’ve Earned a Say.

Get Involved

AARP is searching for interested members to help with our advocacy efforts. Join our effort to protect today’s seniors and future generations’ health care and retirement security. Email to learn more.

Why Medicare and Social Security Matter

Today, 95 percent of Mainers 65+ receive Social Security and of those, more than one third rely on their benefit for 100 percent of their income. There has never been a time more important than right now to speak out on these crucial programs.

AARP wants to ensure that current and future generations receive the benefits they have earned over a lifetime. With your ideas, input and involvement, together, we can achieve this goal. Please make your voice heard today.