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You’ve Earned a Say About the Future of Social Security & Medicare

Washington has been talking about big changes to Social Security and Medicare for more than a year. Yet one voice has been missing from the political debate – yours.

AARP wants to fix that.

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This month, AARP New York is launching a statewide listening tour as part of You’ve Earned a Say, AARP’s national conversation about Social Security and Medicare. Making the voices of New Yorkers heard on about these programs will ensure that you and your fellow New Yorkers will have a voice in the political debate over these important programs.

“This is an exciting venture for us,” stated Joan Parrott-Fonseca, AARP New York State Director. “Throughout March and April, we will be in communities statewide gathering input through a variety of settings, both intimate and large scale, in a variety of ways including surveys, interactive polling at events and comment cards.”

Last year, the President and Congress began talking about changing Medicare and Social Security as part of a discussion to balance our nation’s finances. No changes were made to these programs but as our nation moves into an election year, creating a dialogue takes on extra precedence.

“The next President and Congress could make decisions about the future of Social Security and Medicare that could affect you and your family for years to come,” continued Parrott-Fonseca. “We know everyone feels differently about these programs and want to hear from our members across our state so we can make sure their elected officials know how they feel.”

New York State has more than 3 million Medicare beneficiaries and more than 3.2 million Social Security recipients. With the cost of health care on the rise, Medicare is facing financial challenges while Social Security can pay all promised benefits until about 2036. Now is the time for a national conversation to ensure that New Yorkers like you have a say in the future of Medicare and Social Security.

Last year, AARP conducted a survey, “Voices of 50+ New York,” that revealed how important health and financial security are to New Yorkers 50+. Respondents said that receiving Medicare and Social Security when they needed them was extremely or very important to them (93% Medicare, 94% Social Security). More than seventy percent were worried about how they would maintain their finances and lifestyle in retirement. Sixty-one percent said they were not confident that their children’s generation would be better off financially than they were.

“We know what New Yorkers have told us about health and financial security,” continued Parrott-Fonseca. “Now is the time to make their voices heard about the future of Social Security and Medicare.”

AARP members as well as the general public can share their voice with AARP by attending one of the community events around the state, online through the You’ve Earned a Say website or through AARP New York’s Facebook page.

Find a You’ve Earned a Say event in your area.

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