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You’ve Earned a Say: 66 County Road Trip

Statewide listening tour underway

We’ve launched a county-by-county conversation about strengthening health and retirement security called "You’ve Earned a Say."

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Through You’ve Earned a Say, AARP is taking the debate about Medicare and Social Security out from behind closed doors in Washington and making sure South Dakotans are part of a broader national conversation to have a voice in the discussion about their future.
So far we’ve held Community Conversations in Jerauld, Hand, Hyde, Sully, Hughes, Lyman and Minnehaha counties. More sessions are planned throughout the summer with the final session planned for August 30 at the South Dakota State Fair.

“We’re pleased so many people are taking an interest in this issue and joining the conversations,” said Sarah Jennings, State Director for AARP South Dakota. “We’re hearing over and over again how important Medicare and Social Security for health and financial security in retirement. We’re also hearing that people feel they’ve earned these benefits over a lifetime of hard work, and expect the benefits to be available to them when they need them. “

“Many we’ve heard from are also expressing concern for future generations and the need for our country’s leaders to work together to strengthen Medicare and Social Security to ensure the benefits will be available for their children, and grandchildren,” said Jennings.

These community conversations are open to the public and individuals of all ages are encouraged to attend. AARP membership is not necessary to participate. Dates for future sessions in additional South Dakota counties can be found on the events calendar on our web page.
Check out our Facebook page to see a photo and video travel log of our journey across the state and to hear some of concerns and comments we’re hearing from your friends and neighbors across South Dakota.

During our 66 County Road Trip we’re also working to make a difference in the communities we’re visiting. Attendees at each listening session are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item to donate to help fight hunger among South Dakota’s seniors. So far, we’ve collected more than 200 pounds of food which has been donated to local food pantries to meet local needs.

You've Earned a Say conversations in South Dakota are part of a broader conversations happening in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

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