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Sidestepping Scams

Donya Currie - 12/01/2011

As requests for donations intensify during the holiday giving season, AARP is working with state agencies to help North Carolinians avoid being scam victims. Fraudulent charities have run rampant this year, with some in the guise of relief efforts following Hurricane Irene in August and tornadoes last spring.

AARP's volunteer Fraud Fighters are meeting with community groups across the state, offering tips on how to avoid fraud. Among the key points: Don't make donations over the telephone, ask charities to send all requests in writing, and avoid giving cash.

To find out if a charity is registered with the state, go to and click on "Search by Corporate Name." To schedule a Fraud Fighter presentation, call Helen Savage of AARP at 919-508-0262.

Plan Ahead

by Donya Currie - 11/01/2011

AARP North Carolina has produced an hour-long public television show and two radio programs aimed at encouraging boomer women to plan for their long-term care needs. The resources are part of AARP's national "Decide. Create. Share." campaign, which provides tools to help women take charge of their future.

The TV show, called Future Plan: A Woman's Guide, will air Nov. 6 at noon and Nov. 17 at 4 p.m. Online educational modules are also available, focusing on four topics: your health, your home and community, your finances, and your wishes.

To learn more, go to and

Fighting Fraud

Donya Currie - 10/01/2011

AARP North Carolina is cohosting a series of Scam Jam forums across the state to help people learn how to recognize and sidestep fraud.

Among current scams in the state are unscrupulous offers to repair homes damaged in last spring's tornadoes, telemarketing ploys to wrest Social Security numbers from beneficiaries, and investment "opportunities" targeting people who have suffered heavy losses in a bear market.

Scam Jam presenters will give tips on how to prevent identity theft and how to resolve consumer problems. Learn more at or contact Helen Savage at 1-866-389-5650 toll-free or