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Talking Together

by Will Yandik - 12/01/2011

On the heels of its first multilingual conversation on health care reform, AARP Michigan is inviting members in multicultural neighborhoods across the state to request similar events.

The November meeting, conducted in English with Spanish and Arabic translators, focused on how changes under the national health care law affect state residents. Participants had the opportunity to ask an expert questions about the new law.

"It's hard for anyone to keep up with changes in U.S. health care policy," said Andrew Farmer of AARP Michigan. "How much harder it must be if English is not your first language."

To request a multilingual meeting in your community on issues that affect people age 50-plus, call AARP at 1-866-227-7448 toll-free.

Saving Medicaid

by Will Yandik - 11/01/2011

A 1 percent tax on health insurance claims, which will take effect Jan. 1, is expected to save the state's Medicaid program from devastating cuts. The tax will generate $400 million in state funds plus an $800 million federal match for the program. AARP rallied public support for the new tax law, lobbied legislators and testified in committee.

"We thank all those who had the courage to pass this measure in a strong anti-tax legislative atmosphere," said Eric Schneidewind, AARP state president.

Twenty percent of the state's population receives Medicaid services, including about 2 million older people, low-income families and people with disabilities.

A Grand Time

Will Yandik - 10/01/2011

Grandparents who take their grandchildren to the Impression 5 Science Center in Lansing next month can explore the museum for free.

Impression 5 is a hands-on learning environment that allows visitors to experience the sciences. Visitors can blow bubbles to learn about physics, for example, or play musical instruments to learn about sound.

Admission is $5 per child (or less for those younger than 5) and free for grandparents in November. AARP Michigan is cosponsoring the event. For hours, call the museum at 517-485-8116 or go to