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Delawareans Express Concerns on Pressing Issues

Fifty one percent of Delawareans 50+ say they are worried about choices regarding the type of long-term care services available to them and their family, as found by a recent AARP survey conducted in the first state. The survey also revealed that half of adults 50+ say that health care issues are the top problem or challenges facing mid-life and older adults in the First State. Three in ten cite economic issues as the largest challenge.

“With Delaware’s population aging faster than most states, it’s more important than ever to listen to our community and AARP members and learn more about their concerns, dreams, and challenges,” said Lucretia Young, AARP State Director. “Understanding these issues allows us to provide information to help them live their best lives.”

Delaware’s survey was part of a major national AARP survey of Americans 50+. In addition to broad national findings on issues spanning health care to transportation to financial security, every state surveyed a group of its 50+ population. Here in Delaware, more than 400 participated in the telephone survey.

Highlights of the survey include:

  • About 80 percent of adults 50+ worry about one or more financial issues. Public assistance benefits and maintaining finances and lifestyle in retirement are worries for two-thirds.
  • Staying in their own homes as they age is important to adults 50+. Nearly all say it is important to have long-term care services that allow people to remain in their own homes. Additionally, four in five support shifting funds used for nursing home care to home and community-based care.
  • In the current economy, adults 50+ believe it is important to protect health and long-term care services from budget cuts.
  • Over 80 percent of adults 50+ worry about one or more consumer protection issues. At least two-thirds express concern about protecting themselves against consumer fraud and unfair and deceptive business practices.
  • About 65 percent of adults 50+ worry about one or more community issue. About four in ten worry about having easily accessible sidewalks and good street lighting to safely get around their community.
  • By far, most adults 50+ in Delaware drive a car to get around their neighborhoods (86%); followed by riding in a car (50%); or walking (38%)
  • Over one third of adults 50+ say they have considered changing or have changed their driving behavior.
  • Over four in five 50+ adults in Delaware would support strengthening enforcement of quality standards for nursing homes.

“AARP has a strong commitment to help improve the lives of the 50+ population,” Young continued. “As we move through 2011, we will continue to address these and many other issues that affect our many generations throughout the First State.”