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South Dakota Needs Action on Health Care Now!

You CAN make it happen.

Our health care system costs too much, wastes too much, makes too many mistakes and gives us back too little for our money. That’s why AARP South Dakota, on behalf of our more than 107,000 members, believes Congress must pass health care reform that provides all South Dakotans with affordable health care choices.

We need you to make it happen. Join us in asking Congress and the President to find common-sense, bipartisan solutions to lower prescription drug costs, provide affordable health choices to Americans age 50-64, strengthen Medicare, and ensure everyone can receive long-term care in a setting of their choice.

Join the AARP South Dakota Advocacy Network Today!

We need individuals like you, who care about issues impacting older South Dakotans to serve as a local voice in each state legislative district. No previous experience is required—just a strong desire to help others and be a voice for change. The time commitment is on your terms, and training will be provided. Join us in our fight to make affordable health care choices a reality for all. Call toll-free 1-866-542-8172, or email us at

We believe any health care reform bill must address the following six priorities:

1. Guaranteeing access to affordable coverage for Americans age 50 to 64. 8.4 percent of South Dakotans in this age group were uninsured as of 2007.

2. Closing the Medicare Part D coverage gap or “doughnut hole.” 33 percent of South Dakotans fell into the “doughnut hole” in 2007.

3. Approving generic versions of biologic drugs used to treat cancer and other serious diseases to reduce the price of these costly treatments. $71 billion could be saved if four generic biologics were available.

4. Preventing costly hospital readmissions by creating a follow-up care benefit in Medicare to help people safely transition home after a hospital stay. 19.5 percent of South Dakotans were re-hospitalized within 30 days from 2003-2004.

5. Increasing federal funding and eligibility for home– and community-based services through Medicaid so older Americans can remain in their homes and avoid more costly institutions as they age. Just 6 percent of South Dakota’s long term care funds were spent on home– and community based services in 2006.

6. Improving programs that help low income Americans in Medicare afford the health care and prescription drugs they need.

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