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AARP Colorado Needs Your Help!

AARP is heavily involved in the national effort to ensure that every American has access to affordable, quality health care.  The next few months will be critical as Congress drafts and debates health care legislation.  

Here in Colorado we are actively engaged with our Colorado congressional delegation and in outreach to our members and the community at-large.  We could use your help!  Specifically, we need volunteers to build advocacy "trees" that can be mobilized to generate input on key legislation and votes.  This is not a time-consuming task and it is one that can be done from your home. 

The primary purpose of these “trees” is to be able to respond quickly and in force to our “calls to action” around both state and federal legislative priorities.  Advocacy Tree members will be kept informed on AARP positions, resources and calls to action via e-mail.  Calls to action will be clear and concise, indicate a time frame for action (usually 24 hours) and provide all the necessary contact information.  As AARP Colorado congressional district advocacy team members, you have indicated your willingness to do outreach on AARP’s advocacy positions.  We realize that you may not always personally agree with AARP’s position on a given issue.  If you find that you cannot contact a legislator in support of an AARP position, we ask that you simply abstain in this instance but that you do what is needed to pass information along to your advocacy “tree.”  

What We Are Asking Advocacy Team Members to Do

  • Seek out 5–10 personal/professional/community connections and recruit them to be on an e-mail distribution list to receive information and calls to action.  (These connections may then, in turn, wish to seek out 5 -10 more connections, etc.)
  • Provide the AARP Colorado State Office with the names and contact information for the people on your “tree.”  All will receive the call to action.  Your responsibility will be to follow up with the people on your “tree” to ask them to check their e-mail and respond in the time frame specified.
  • Let the AARP Colorado State Office know how your “tree” did and any pertinent feedback you get from your advocacy tree members or the legislators they contacted on any particular call to action. 

If you would like additional details on this or information on other AARP volunteer opportunities, please e-mail or call the AARP Colorado State Office at 1-866-554-5376 and ask for Cathy Lasnik.