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You’ve Earned A Say on How to Fix Social Security and Medicare

You’ve worked for your Medicare and Social Security and you’ve earned the right to know what changes politicians in Washington and on the campaign trail are putting on the table. That’s why AARP is ramping up a national conversation with members and the public about strengthening Social Security and Medicare for future generations. Called “You’ve Earned A Say” the campaign will bring the voices of our members and the general public to the table. AARP volunteers and staff will be traveling around Vermont to meet with groups of Vermonters and members to find out what you think.

Throughout Washington’s budget debate over the last year, AARP members and Americans 50-plus urged AARP to prevent cuts in Social Security and Medicare benefits. People recognize that these programs need to be strengthened and are tired of politicians in Washington proposing cuts to Social Security and Medicare to close Washington's budget gap. Those are benefits earned and paid for through long years of work.

Vermonters want a voice in any discussion about the future of these programs, and they feel like they’ve earned it. With an election looming and change on the horizon, it’s time to engage in this debate – for you, and the future of your children and grandchildren.

AARP agrees it’s time to bring this debate out from behind the closed doors in Washington and give the people who pay into Medicare and Social Security a voice. Together, we need to start a national discussion on strengthening health and retirement security for hard-working Americans.

If you have an organization, community group, senior center or retirement living community that would like to have a presentation and conversation on the issue, please contact us at 802-951-1303.

Speak up! You can visit us online to learn more and share your thoughts and concerns.

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