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'You've Earned a Say' Kick-off in March

On March 24, 2012, AARP will launch You’ve Earned a Say – because it is time to take the decisions about Medicare and Social Security out from behind closed doors in Washington so you can have a voice in the debate. You’re been paying into Medicare and Social Security your entire working life. Your voice should count.

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We’ll be conducting surveys, hosting town hall meetings, debates, bus tours and information forums – all aimed at hearing your views on the future of these programs. Our website will be a one-stop resource for information about Social Security and Medicare proposal that are being debated in Washington and on the campaign trail – both pros and cons – without the partisanship and spin.

We urge you to join in this important national conversation so you can make your voice heard on the future of Medicare and Social Security.

AARP Missouri wants to hear from you. You can begin by sharing your views on how to strengthen Medicare and Social Security by calling toll free 1-888-OUR-AARP.

Here are some important facts to consider as the conversation begins.

Social Security in Missouri

Missouri seniors count on Social Security benefits earned through a lifetime of work:

  • 92.3 percent of Missouri seniors, or 776,700, received Social Security in 2010. The average annual benefit was only $13,600.
  • Social Security accounted for 61.3 percent of the typical older Missourians’ own income.
  • Low and middle income seniors in Missouri are even more reliant on Social Security’s earned benefit, typically receiving 76.8 percent of their individual income from Social Security.

Social Security keeps middle income older Missourians from falling into poverty:

  • About 7.1 percent, or 54,514, older Missourians were in poverty.
  • Without Social Security income, an additional 41.7 percent of older Missourians, or 320,619 people, would fall into poverty.

Social Security plays an important role in Missouri’s economy:

  • Social Security provided $14.53 billion in benefits to Missourians in 2009.

Medicare in Missouri

Medicare provides guaranteed health coverage, but out of pocket costs are high:

  • On average, beneficiaries from Missouri spent $5,900 on out of pocket health care costs.
  • For the typical Missouri senior on Medicare, out of pocket spending for health care consumes 23.2 percent of their income.

Medicare provides peace of mind for Missouri seniors:

  • Nearly 99.5 percent of Missouri seniors, or 818,988, were enrolled in Medicare in 2009.
  • In contrast, nearly 8.8 percent of the 60–64 year olds are uninsured.

Medicare plays an important role in Missouri’s economy:

  • The Medicare program spent $8.54 billion on health care services for Missourians in 2010.

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