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Leading the Fight for Lower Electric Rates

Are you tired of paying the highest electric rates in the country? AARP Connecticut is leading a broad coalition of consumer, environmental and business groups in support of legislation, introduced as Senate Bill 1, which aims to lower electric rates for state residents, create consumer protections for residents who buy their electricity from a retail electric supplier, and provide financial incentives for consumers and businesses to replace or retrofit old, inefficient furnaces.

Join AARP’s campaign to lower electric rates in Connecticut.

According to AARP Connecticut State Director, Brenda Kelley, “Connecticut continues to face the highest electric rates in the continental United States, and the gap between Connecticut and other states continues to grow. Residents, especially seniors who live on fixed-incomes, are struggling to pay their electric bills and need rate-relief now. We’ve heard the complicated explanations from legislators, the utility companies and retail suppliers for why our bills are so high. The time for talk is over- Connecticut residents want real solutions, now.”

We can’t do it without you.

Join AARP’s campaign today and tell your legislator that Connecticut needs rate relief now.

According to a recent AARP survey of Connecticut residents age 50 and older, nearly two-thirds (64 percent) do not believe their state legislators are doing enough to lower electricity rates in the state.

Senate Bill 1 includes a number of consumer and ratepayer relief provisions that would:

  • Reorganize the Department of Utility Control (DPUC) and reform the way Connecticut buys its electricity. The bill sets a goal of reducing rates by 15% over 5 years.
  • Streamline the procurement process, which will lower rates for all consumers, including those who buy electricity from a competitive retail supplier.
  • Protect residents that choose to switch from standard electric service (UI or CL&P) to a retail electric supplier from unscrupulous and aggressive marketing practices. The bill does this by requiring electric suppliers, their aggregators or agents to identify themselves appropriately to avoid misrepresentation, and explain to customers the fundamental terms and conditions of the service contract, as well as any hidden fees or variable charges.
  • Establish a low-income discount electric rate funded largely through existing low-income programs.

The legislation also includes incentives for renewable energy, as well as financing programs to help consumers afford fuel-saving furnaces, energy efficiency retrofits and renewable generation systems that are designed to help consumers cut energy costs, while stimulating job-growth in local clean energy businesses.

Kelley continued, “For too many years, Connecticut residents have been paying the highest electric rates in the country. 50+ residents have told us that not only are they worried about paying their electric bills each month, but they don’t think their state legislators are doing enough to lower Connecticut’s rates. We’re calling on the General Assembly and our new Governor to finally enact legislation this year that will lessen the burden on our state residents and make Connecticut more competitive with neighboring states.”

We hope you’ll take a moment to join our campaign and let your legislator know that Connecticut needs rate relief now.