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Listen to AARP Indiana Share 2012 Goals

AARP Indiana State Director June Lyle and AARP Indiana Executive Council Member Joe Everett were guests on this month’s edition of WIBC’s “Spotlight Indianapolis” radio show, hosted by Glee Renick-May.

The 60-minute interview is divided into two, 30-minute segments:

The interview covered an array of subjects, while allowing AARP Indiana to share its 2012 legislative agenda and goals. State Director June Lyle provided background information on AARP Indiana and how the small office relies heavily on an extensive network of volunteers to engage with Hoosiers all across the state. AARP Indiana currently has more than 831,000 members statewide, and a professional staff of just seven.

Talk then turned to the “Baby Boomer” generation and the staggering statistic that every day 10,000 Baby Boomers hit age 65. While that no longer means retirement for many, it does mark a huge demographic shift for the country.

That shift also means more and more people use and rely on their Social Security benefits. Having worked at the Social Security Administration for many years, Executive Council Member Joe Everett was asked for his opinion on the current state of Social Security. He stressed that while the system needs to be tweaked, it does not need to be completely overhauled. Everett also added that AARP Indiana will hold several events throughout 2012 to listen to and gather members’ thoughts as how to best improve Social Security and Medicare.
The issue of retirement and being financially prepared for it also came up several times during the interview. Continue to check out AARP Indiana’s web site for dates on “Ready for Retirement” events to be held in the spring.