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AARP is Fighting for You at the General Assembly

From protecting older workers from unfair laws to working to cap interest rates on consumer loans, AARP Virginia staff and volunteers will be the daily face of our members to Virginia's lawmakers.

AARP will be asking Virginia’s General Assembly to:

Be Fair to Older Workers

Older workers worked hard all their lives and now, when they need help the most, they are denied the safety net other workers receive. It’s just not fair. It’s time for Virginia to let unemployed older workers collect the unemployment benefits they deserve as they look for new jobs. For more information, visit

Protect the Rights of Consumers Receiving Long-Term Care Services

AARP Virginia and the Virginia Elder Rights Coalition will fight for the rights long-term care consumers by advocating for stronger regulations on complaint investigation and the right to readmission after involuntary discharge. We also support measures to ensure increased communications with residents’ families to assure their rights are protected.

Protect Virginia’s Most Vulnerable Citizens from Predatory Lenders

AARP Virginia supports measures that will protect older and low-income people from predatory lenders. We endorsed the Virginia Partnership to Encourage Responsible Lending’s resolution to prohibit all predatory lending practices and support a cap on consumer interest rates at 36 percent.

Fight Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly

AARP Virginia supports measures that will increase the penalty for crimes against the elderly and a study to enhance our understanding of the problem and the needs of victims. The Virginia General Assembly should: enact and enforce laws that make it a criminal offense, with enhanced penalties, to abuse, neglect, or exploit a vulnerable individual; enact laws that provide victims adequate civil procedures and remedies against perpetrators of abuse, neglect, or exploitation; and enact laws making institutions liable for criminal and civil penalties for victimization of those in their care.

Protect and Enhance Access to Quality Health Care

AARP will oppose measures that would decrease access to quality health care for all Virginians, as well as advocate for legislation that improves the quality of health care.

Make Sure Budget Cuts Don’t Hurt Vulnerable Virginians

We will monitor budget proposals throughout the General Assembly to be sure that decisions are fair to all generations and do not place an unnecessary hardship on our most vulnerable citizens.

For more information, contact David DeBiasi at or (804)344-3059.