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'My Medicine Is Just Too Expensive. I Simply Can’t Afford It.'

One cancer patient urges Congress to do the right thing for Americans like her

Tell Congress: Stand up
to Big PhRMA

Big PhRMA isn't giving up on their effort to raise your prescription drug costs by reopening the Medicare Part D donut hole — and so we need to keep up the pressure on Congress to say NO.

News & Analysis

A Senate hearing on drug prices

Drugmakers Blame System for High Prices

Lawmakers point to high profits and call on industry to take responsibility

Pills coming out of a bottle

AARP to Congress: Fix High Drug Costs

Volunteer president says seniors shouldn’t have to choose between medicine, food

Man looking at pills

PhRMA Pressuring Congress to Roll Back 'Donut Hole' Deal

AARP and older Americans oppose efforts to increase prescription drug costs for seniors

Bottles of pills

Retail Prices of Brand-Name Drugs Skyrocket

AARP analysis reveals costs of medicines increased at four times inflation rate

A Deal Is a Deal: Keep the Donut Hole Pact

Congress must protect seniors, not the profits of drug companies

Seniors Pay Into Medicare Their Whole Lives

It would be shameful to raise their costs when so many are struggling

Man sitting at a table look at a paper

Drugmakers Should Pay a Higher Share of Costs

That’s the belief of a majority of voters over 50, according to a new AARP poll

Medicare & You booklet laying on a table. A weekly reminder pill box sits on top.

7 Ways Medicare Will Improve in 2019

Expanded telemedicine, no therapy caps, home health assistance and more

More on Medicare

Medicare Made Easy: Open Enrollment October 15 to December 7, 2018. Medical imagery in the background.

Your Guide to Open Enrollment

You have until Dec. 7 to adjust your Medicare coverage for next year

Cost of medicine- blank prescription, pharmacy receipt, pills and money.

What Does Medicare Cost?

Out-of-pocket expenses can add up, so it pays to shop around each year

Friendly nurse with patient

What Does Part D cover?

Choosing a prescription drug plan can be complicated, as the program has many twists

Mature women working on a laptop in a kitchen

Medicare vs. Your Insurance

Whether you need to sign up during open enrollment depends on your current coverage

Buttons on a keyboard that read scam alert

Beware of Medicare Scammers

Five tips to help you avoid being taken advantage of as you shop for medical coverage

Cover the gap

Covering the Gaps

Medigap helps pick up costs not covered by original Medicare