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Science is honing in on better ways to treat chronic pain. Read about it in this AARP series.


Infographic: Protect Older Workers Against Discrimination (POWADA)

A bipartisan bill in the Senate would help level the legal playing field for older workers and restore their ability to fight back against age discrimination. This badly needed legislation would correct an unfair court decision and restore the rights of older workers. AARP is working to ensure every worker is treated fairly on the job, regardless of age, and is calling on the Senate to act now to restore these protections. Join with us and make your voice heard!

A U.S. Supreme Court decision made it more difficult to prove age discrimination than to prove discrimination based on race, religion, or sex. Discrimination based on age is wrong and unfair, and holding older workers who have faced discrimination to a higher legal standard of proof than others is unjust. The Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act (POWADA) would help restore older workers’ rights under the law.

Learn more about the effect of age discrimination on older workers — and what you can do to stop it — with this infographic.

Protecting older workers agains discrimination infographic

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