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PBS Special "Stealing Time" Study: A Summary of Findings

This seven-page summary (and annotated questionnaire in PDF format) of a survey written by Jane Takeuchi of the AARP Research Group, and Sid Groeneman of Market Facts, Inc., explores the attitudes, beliefs, and expections of adults aged 18+ toward health and longevity of older persons into the next century, based on telephone interviews with 2,032 persons conducted April 9-14, 1999, by Market Facts, Inc., as part of its TeleNation survey. Despite the fact that most adults anticipate that life will improve for older Americans and that there will be cures for life-threatening diseases (including cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, and heart disease) during the next 50 years, only 27 percent say they would like to live to be 100 years old. The typical American would like to live to about 91, but expects to live only until 80. Poor health and financial security are the greatest worries people have about living to a very old age. Includes a copy of the seven-page annotated questionnaire.

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