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Going Back to School

A woman questions whether it's too late to become a nurse

Dear Chris,

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be a nurse. I've always regretted not pursuing this goal. At 51, I've enrolled in community college to study nursing. I'm excited, but I keep second-guessing my decision: I wonder whether it's too late. If I graduate, I'll be the best nurse ever, because it means so much.

—Sharon from Ohio

Chris Gardner

Art Streiber

Entrepreneur and best-selling author Chris Gardner

Dear Sharon,

You are about to become one of my heroes: someone who couldn't pursue their passion earlier in life but is doing so now.

Going back to school can be hard, but you must have had some life experiences that will make any classroom challenges seem easy. Use all the help you can get: tutors, online classes, and mentors.

Also, stop saynig "If I make it." Know that you are taking the baby steps required to reach your goal. Good training and your passion for the job will make you a valuable member of any health care team.

The world's oldest college grad was 95! You, my friend, are still in prescool. So have yourself some cookies and milk, and get started.

Entrepreneur and author Chris Gardner is AARP's Pursuit and Happyness ambassador. Got a question? Ask Chris.

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