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5 Weeks to a New Life: Meet the Cast

Christian de la Huerta

Christian de la Huerta

Miami Shores, Fla.
Christian is a writer, educator and speaker who focuses on issues of self-exploration and spirituality. "Throughout my life, I've always been questioning myself and why I'm here," he says.

John Ford

Austin, Texas
John, who's single and has a grown daughter, has done a variety of work, from writing songs to working in broadcasting. He's now an information technology consultant but is re-examining his life and eager to make a change. "A part of me just wants to go to some small beach town, tend bar and get out of the rat race," he says.

Lorraine Parrish

Lorraine Parish

Martha's Vineyard, Mass.
Lorraine, a fashion designer who owns a clothing store in a resort community, describes herself as a recovering alcoholic and a free spirit. She's trying to figure out who she is as she gets older. "In many ways, I still feel like a kid," she says.

Barbara Pierce

Deborah Pierce

Belmont, Mass.
An architect with two adult children and a young grandson, Deborah recently got divorced after 32 years of marriage. "I'm definitely at a crossroads in my life," she says. She came to the retreat to examine her life and figure out what path to embark on next.

Felicia and Wayne Washington 

New York City
After being married for 20 years and raising two now-grown kids, the couple is finding it increasingly difficult to communicate. Felicia, who owns a hair salon, and Wayne, a teacher, are looking to learn how to talk without fighting and to reignite their romance.

Paul and Barbara Weinberg

Nova Scotia, Canada
Paul and Barbara have been married for 37 years and have two grown kids. About 15 years ago, they left their established life in the Boston area and established and built Cabot Shores, a wilderness resort along Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Though running a resort was a lifelong dream for Paul, the couple said it added financial and other pressures to their marriage.

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