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Sharing My Songs With the World

A man who has been writing songs for years hopes to find a place for them

Chris Gardner

Art Streiber

Dear Chris,

Over the past 35 years I have written several dozen songs. I've always wanted to publish or perform them. But I can't read music, and I don't play an instrument, so writing down or recording these songs is difficult. How might I find someone who can help me share my songs with the world?

—Bob S., 74, Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Dear Bob,

My first ambition was to become Miles Davis. I studied trumpet for nine years. Finally my mom said, "You can't be Miles Davis. Ain't but one, and he's got that job!" I shouldn't have listened to her. Nothing happens if you don't try.

Plenty of people can read and play music, but fewer can compose or "put down lyrics." Music schools in your area would be a great place to find someone to complement your skill set. Also try an online bulletin board such as Craigslist. And I'd encourage you to attend poetry "slams," which have produced an impressive number of recording artists.

Me, I'm tempted to pick up my horn again! Who knows?

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