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Spring Fever: Revisiting Resolutions

Why I call myself an April fool.

On Dec. 31, I have a tradition: I sit at my computer and make a list of my New Year’s resolutions and goals. My purpose is to improve myself mentally, physically and spiritually. I assume that I’m not the only person who does this with the best of intentions and the least results.

When April 1 rolls around, I realize I’ve been a fool since January. The fragrance in the air of my Brooklyn neighborhood tells me that spring is on the way. The sounds of the birds on my windowsill—which have been missing all winter—remind me to kick off the winter lead and get out of my warm bed. Get the bread and the seed and stop being a weed. Time to feed the birds, donate clothes, get back to Weight Watchers fast, and walk, walk, walk. Time to start over.

And so, in spring mode, I revisit my unfulfilled January goals and resolutions. It’s not too late to eat vegetables, save money, get up early and pray – to blossom with the springtime flowers. The fever springs me into action: I am committed to keep the unkept promises of the new year … now a mere four months old.

The AARP Bulletin's "What I Really Know" column comes from our readers. Each month we solicit short personal essays on a selected topic and post some of our favorites in print and online. Tina Portelli is a reader from Brooklyn, N.Y.

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