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Wisdom With a Wallop

Boxer Junious Hinton schools kids in the sweet science and the game of life

Ask professional boxer Junious Hinton about his sport and he'll tell you that it's just like living: You get out of it what you put in. Just like our everyday lives, boxing requires you to be disciplined and to follow the rules ... two lessons he learned the hard way after his career went downhill. Hinton now uses the sport he loves to give young athletes the chance at a prosperous life — one that he never had.

Former fighter Junious Hinton runs a boxing club.

AARP Broadcast

Boxer Junious Hinton works with children to hone their glove skills and to teach them about life.

As a coach at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center in Maryland, Hinton works with children of all ages to hone their glove skills. While a striking combination of jabs, crosses and body punches will certainly impress this hardened fighter, it's the life skills absorbed by these kids that really satisfy the mentor.

"I'm teaching them life. I'm teaching them my life. I use boxing as a tool," says Hinton. "I'm going to give this kid something ... and he'll take what I gave him and pass it on to someone else. That's makes me live forever."

My Generation goes head-to-head with this man of the ring to get a little wisdom with a wallop.