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About Saving Money

Reader share their penny pinching tips

  • “Decide how much you will be able to save every pay period and then put that amount aside when you are paid. If you regularly do this, you will eventually have a nest egg.” – Mary Jo Wright, California
  • “Don’t overspend all of your money. If you have a dollar, you should spend only $.50 and save $.50.” – Shirley Edwards, Brooklyn, NY
  • “I record all of my expenses into a few categories. This gave me a full picture of where my money was spent. You’ll learn to spend money on what you need, instead of what you want.” – Audrey C. Kim, Bridgewater, NJ

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  • “Spend less than you make and you will always have more money that you will ever need.” – David Baker
  • “Learn to fix simple things – it saves a lot of time and money.” – Kevin Northcraft, San Diego
  • “The secret to saving money is to plan ahead. Maintain the “use it or lose it” mentality when it comes to coupons or perks. You’ll be surprised to see the accumulation of your savings.” – Suzanne L. Eng, Jackson Heights, NY.
  • “I’ll typically postpone buying a non-essential item for at least a week or two, and if I still feel compelled to buy it. Quite a bit of cash flow is saved in this manner because I often find I don’t need that item after careful consideration.” – Joanne Clayton, Herrin, IL
  •  “We use credit cards only for convenience and pay off the balance each month. No using plastic for big ticket items. -- Dan McGuire, Bensenville, IL
  • “Rise above the hype of advertising and giving into the latest upgrade. Whether it’s a new television, computer or smart phone. If your current device is working for you now, be satisfied and stick with that.” – Antonia Betrus, Seneca Falls, NY.

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