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Many Hispanics are seeing results by using self-help resources.

As they seek better and healthier lives, more Hispanics are turning to diet programs, books, tapes, and other resources to help improve their lives, according to an exclusive AARP Segunda Juventud poll of Latinos ages 40 and older.

The findings indicate that the cultural stigma of seeking outside help is diminishing.

"There's more of an acceptance of disclosure, of finding out where information and resources are to help you have a better life," says Los Angeles psychologist Ana Nogales, author of two self-help books for Latinos.

And self-help nonfiction, says Rene Alegria of Rayo, HarperCollins's Spanish-language division, "is the fastest-growing category for Spanish titles sold in the United States."

Temo and Rosa Alonso are among those who have taken action and seen results. Through Weight Watchers, they lost a whopping 137 pounds.  

Self-help poll: In the past two years, Hispanics have:

tried to eat a healthier diet:  78%

tried to exercise regularly:  69%

sought spiritual advice:  35%

Used books, tapes, or DVDs:  30%

sought professional counseling:  19%

For the full results of the AARP Segunda Juventud survey on Hispanic self-help, click here.

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