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All That We Share

How to save everything that belongs to all of us

A decreasing amount of things that were once held in common by all citizens continues to be challenged by those who wish to exploit the commons for selfish purposes. In his book, All The We Share author Jay Walljasper explains the simplicity of — all that we share.

Not sure what the commons are? Well they're those areas of life that we are, or should be,  held in common by. Be it public parks, water, the Internet, radio, television, airspace or even the sidewalks we stroll upon.  We, as citizens should be free to use these "common" spaces at our leisure.

But, according to Walljasper, most of these common areas are threatened to fall under market rules opposed to common customs. He joins Prime Time Radio host Mike Cuthbert to explain why maintaining these common areas are not only important to our democracy but also our communities.

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