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Perceptions of Tax Reform Among 18+ Florida Self-Identified Voters: Challenges and Opportunities

The current economic climate provides challenges as well as opportunities for the state of Florida to address tax reform issues. Florida legislators need to find a balance in state funding that will not results in residents being overburdened by property taxes, but will maintain essential services, such as police and fire protection and education.

This telephone survey of age 18+ self-identified Florida voters found that...

  • 50+ percent oppose limiting the amount that can be collected and spent by the government if it cut services such as police protection or education.”
  • 47 percent consider investing in services such as education, transportation and health care the most important thing the state does
  • 40 percent say the state spends too little money on state and local services 

Maintaining essential state services is thus a major concern among Florida’s age 18+ self-identified voters, many of whom would oppose any reform proposal to limit government’s ability to collect and spend money if doing so would result in cuts to services.

This telephone survey of 803 self-identified age 18+ Florida voters was conducted for AARP by Alan Newman Research, Inc. between April 10th and 29th, 2007. Further information about the study may be obtained by contacting its author, Erica Dinger, at 202-434-6176. (20 pages)

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