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Oklahoma Legislative Issues Survey: Telecommunications

AARP Member Opinion Research

Oklahoma AARP members rely heavily on wireline rather than wireless telephone service for all of their calling needs. While 94 percent continue to subscribe to wireline (aka landline) telephone service, only 4 percent have cut the cord and use only wireless. With about half paying between $30 and $49 per month for their local wireline service and an additional one in six paying even higher rates, more than half believe they are paying too much for the services they get. Not surprisingly, they want the state to maintain strict regulation and oversight over local providers' rates and service.

Members in general, especially those using cellphones, support stronger consumer protections and disclosures. Over eight in ten support requiring cellphone companies to give new customers a list of charges and to allow them to cancel their service up to 15 days after receiving their first bill. About nine in ten want wireless companies to inform consumers of early termination fees, dead zones and extra charges, and to disclose whether their service allows emergency personnel to identify the location of emergency calls made from cellphones. This report examines a subset of questions relating to telecommunications issues from the 2004 AARP Oklahoma Legislative Issues Survey of 1,013 AARP members in Oklahoma which was conducted by mail from October 22 through November 19, 2004. The report was prepared by Joanne Binette of AARP Knowledge Management who may be contacted at 202-434-6303. (28 pages)

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