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Become a Tax-Aide volunteer.


You've Got What it Takes

Become an AARP Foundation
Tax-Aide volunteer. 


Learn About Tax-Aide

You've Got What it Takes: Volunteer With AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

Become a Tax-Aide volunteer and join the largest volunteer-run tax preparation and assistance service. Learn about tax volunteer opportunities.

About AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

Since 1968, volunteer-based program has helped nearly 50 million low- to moderate-income taxpayers

Online Tax Assistance from AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

AARP Foundation Tax Aide is available year-round to answer your tax questions

In the Spotlight

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide in Utah Helped Thousands File Taxes

Tax season is over, and AARP Tax-Aide in Utah did another outstanding job helping low-to-moderate income taxpayers in the state file their taxes at no charge and on time! This year, over 6,700 returns were completed at 32 sites around the state by 106 volunteer preparers.

Scams to Watch For in 2017

Phone calls from fake IRS agents have netted crooks about $47 million in three years, according to the Treasury Department. The scam will continue next year, but with a twist: The newest likely target will be people with college loans, who are threatened with arrest and other penalties unless a nonexistent "federal student tax" is immediately paid.

10 Ways to Protect Yourself From ID Theft

With someone’s identity stolen every two seconds, identity theft is one of the most pervasive crimes in the world. But it’s also one of the easiest to protect against. AARP Fraud Watch Network Ambassador and expert Frank Abagnale offers 10 easy steps to help beat identity thieves.

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