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Help AARP Combat Medicare Fraud

For over forty years Medicare has been an invaluable resource for people over the age of 65. Medicare can be a lifeline for those who need urgent medical care and are struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately, Medicare fraud is robbing the system of money. A lot of money. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimates that $60 billion each year is lost due to criminal fraud. Sixty billion dollars would go a long way toward extending the security of Medicare benefits for many years to come.

There are a few things everyday citizens can do to aid in the fight against fraud. The best way for a Medicare recipient to help combat abuse is simply by being a Medicare fraud watchdog. Look carefully at your own statements. Are there tests ordered that are not required? Is there medical equipment that is not necessary or was not received? Is there anything that looks suspicious? AARP is urging insurance companies to produce more simplified statements which will certainly help. An easy to read statement helps consumers spot and report fraud more readily, which ultimately helps everyone save money.

Congress can also play an important role in the fight against fraud. It is up to Congress to pass laws that would allow Medicare to more thoroughly investigate fraud, as well as stiffen the penalties for those abusing the system. Contact your Congressman today to tell them you support stricter penalties for Medicare scam artists. Cracking down on fraud will save you a significant amount of money as well as ensure that your Medicare benefits are protected.

AARP remains a vigilant watchdog in fraud prevention. AARP is here to ensure that those who deserve the benefits of Medicare are receiving them to the fullest capacity. Join us in our quest to keep Medicare strong and take back that sixty billion!

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