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Do You Know About Money Transfer Frauds?

These particular financial scams entice you to forward money to someone you don’t know in advance of receiving a terrific prize, gift or award that will, in fact, never materialize.  Incredibly, the money you’re required to forward can range from small amounts to hundreds, thousands, even ten of thousands of dollars.  

Thanks to a grant from the AARP Foundation, ColoradoElderWatch is able to help. In the first 10 months of their new Consumer Fraud Prevention Project, volunteers have place phone calls to over 40,000 at-risk seniors across the country warning them about current frauds and scams that rob the most vulnerable of their hard-earned money. These calls made in English and Spanish.

“AARP ElderWatch has recruited and trained a special corps of volunteers who are bilingual. These very valuable volunteers are able to place calls directly to Spanish speaking only seniors, who may be at-risk from these types of frauds and scams. Prevention and education is crucial to stop the fraudsters from ripping off seniors. Our volunteers help seniors everyday learn how to recognize and refuse the frauds, which helps protect their assets longer and enjoy life the way it was meant to be”, says Amy Nofziger, AARP ElderWatch Program Leader.

Everyday scammers think of new ways to rip off our most vulnerable citizens, with no concern for their well-being. Projects like the Consumer Fraud Prevention Program are key to stopping these unthinkable crimes.

Find more information on frauds and scams, or how to help online.

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