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Payment by gift card? It’s a scam!

Gift cards are popular and convenient… and not just for gifts. Con artists have latched onto gift cards as a convenient form of payment in their scams. In a 2022 AARP survey, 1 in 3 adults said they or someone they know had been asked at some point to purchase a gift card to pay a bill, fee or some other debt or obligation or to claim a prize. About one in four adults who were contacted reported they bought the cards, or approximately 13 million U.S. adults ages 18 and older.

man talking on a mobile phone and holding a gift card with text that says asking to be paid by gift card is always a scam always say no

Signs to watch for

1. You’re directed to buy one or more gift cards — often referred to as “electronic vouchers” — as a quick means of making payment.

2. You’re told to share the numbers on the back of the gift cards, by reading them off or sending a picture.

3. The request comes from someone you wouldn’t expect to ask for money this way:


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How to Protect Yourself

This Woman Stopped a Gift Card Scam in Progress

Around 13 million U.S. adults have lost money to scammers by buying gift cards. Thanks to the AARP Fraud Watch Network, Dianne Bostic knew the signs.

Report Fraud and Help Others

Call the AARP Fraud Watch NetworkTM Helpline and tell us about fraud attempts that have happened to you or someone you know.  Your call can help prevent others from being victimized.

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How AARP Can Help

Knowledge gives you power over scams. The AARP Fraud Watch NetworkTM equips you with reliable, up-to-date insights, and our free fraud Helpline is available to help you and loved ones if you need it. We also advocate at the state, federal, and local levels to enact policy changes that protect consumers and enforce laws. With AARP as your partner, you’ll be better equipped to stay ahead of scammers.

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Report a Scam

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Watchdog Alerts

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AARP is fighting for you: According to the Federal Trade Commission, gift cards are one of the most popular and convenient ways for scammers to request payment. AARP is committed to cutting off this source of criminal money transfer by helping consumers identify warning signs and working with retailers on how to spot and intervene in a crime involving gift cards.

Common Scams Involving Gift Card Payments

VIDEO: Gift Card Payment Scams

Why Scammers Love Gift Card Payments

  • Readily available
  • Virtually untraceable
  • Easily converted to cash or bitcoin
  • Ability to move large amounts of money in small parcels


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